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Transformational Coaching


Prepare, navigate and integrate your Sacred Medicine ceremony with the guidance of an experienced and certified coach.

Addiction Recovery support also available.


Sacred Medicines

Learn to safely benefit from substances that have the potential to heal a wide variety of challenging health conditions.


About Me

I am a certified Integration Coach specializing in Sacred Medicines, and Addiction Recovery.


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Sacred Medicines are available and protected by law in select countries. Join me on a guided international journey of mind, body and spiritual transformation. 



Sacred Medicine Guide does not approve/disapprove, suggest or advocate for the use of entheogenic or psychedelic medicines that are not legal in the U.S., nor does Sacred Medicine Guide make referrals to the medicines or help people connect with the medicines. Clients make these decisions on their own, to include finding and setting up these experiences in an approved matter on their own accord. Sacred Medicine Guide provides integrative coaching around transformational experiences, such as entheogenic journeys, meditation retreats, holistic treatments, personal development workshops, and other psycho-spiritual healing and transformational events.