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The Book

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It’s both an introduction for beginners and a guide for veterans of ceremony. Available now in paper and electronic versions through Amazon.


Sacred Medicines

Learn to safely benefit from substances that can heal a wide variety of challenging mental and physical health conditions that pharmaceuticals and conventional therapy are unable to treat.


Transformational Coaching


Prepare for, navigate through and integrate after your Sacred Medicine ceremony/session with the guidance of an experienced and certified coach. Addiction Recovery support also available.



Sacred Medicines, also known as Psychedelics, are classified as illegal around most countries of the world. Despite this unfortunate status, there remains many options for a person to have a Sacred Medicine experience, both legally and illegally. In countries such as the US some Sacred Medicines are protected by freedom of religion laws, decriminalization at the local level of government, or for scientific research. In other countries such as Brazil and Peru, some Sacred Medicines are available to all. My book is based in these countries and therefore does not promote illegal activities. I do not sell Sacred Medicines through this website. This site exists for the purpose of education, and offering my services as a coach.