Hi, my name is Eric Johnson. I am grateful for the opportunity to support you during your transformation.



I earned a certificate of Integration Coaching, and Addiction Recovery Coaching from Being True To You, leaders in the emerging Psychedelic Renaissance. Being True To You trained me to help people maximize the benefits of Sacred Medicines when used for healing, life transformations, and addiction recovery.

I earned a certificate of Ayurvedic Coaching from Kerala Ayurveda Academy, and then continued my studies at the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, leaders in the field of natural diet, healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine. Ayurveda is the millennia old system of traditional medicine from India. For those seeking more, Ayurveda can provide a solid foundation upon which one can build their new life.

I also have a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University, and have served 4 years in the US Navy while stationed in Italy.



I believe in practicing what I teach and have personally experienced a wide variety of Sacred Medicines, both natural and synthetic types, in therapeutic environments. My healing journey began with an introduction to Ayurveda in 2012, followed by an introduction to Sacred Medicines in 2014. I left my job in 2015 and traveled to Peru with the intentions of improving my health and transitioning to a career in the Healing Arts. During the months spent in Peru, where some Sacred Medicines are protected by law, I participated in numerous ceremonies and learned from highly skilled shamans and facilitators. My healing journey continued upon returning to the U.S. while participating in many more ceremonies and integrating my insights into a daily routine. My practice of an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle blends harmoniously with the new perception that results from working with Sacred Medicines.




I spend much time hiking and camping in the wilderness and consider it a necessary factor in maintaining health and balance. I enjoy cooking all my meals using as many local, organic, and whole food ingredients as possible. My other interests include float tanks, Kambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, writing, listening to live music, and international travel.

To learn more about me, please visit the Blog page and read some of the articles documenting my path.