I earned a certificate of Psychospiritual Integration and Addiction Recovery Coaching from Being True To You, leaders in the emerging Psychedelic Renaissance.   Being True To You trains coaches to help people maximize the benefits of Sacred Medicines when used for addiction recovery, and major life transformations.

I also earned a certificate of Ayurvedic Coaching from the Dogwood School of Botanical Medicine, leaders in the field of natural diet, healthy lifestyle and preventive medicine. Ayurveda is the millennia old system of traditional medicine from India. When combined with Sacred Medicine ceremonies, Ayurveda provides a solid foundation upon which one can build their new life.

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I believe in practicing what I teach, and learning from direct personal experience. My healing journey began with an introduction to Ayurveda in 2012, followed by an introduction to Sacred Medicines in 2014. I left my job in 2015 and traveled to Peru with the intention of improving my health and transitioning to a new career in the Healing Arts. During the months spent in Peru, where some Sacred Medicines are protected by law, I participated in numerous ceremonies and learned from highly experienced shamans and facilitators. My healing journey continued upon returning to the U.S. while participating in many more ceremonies and integrating my insights into a daily routine. My existing knowledge of an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle blended harmoniously with the new perception that resulted from working with Sacred Medicines. 


There are many types of coaching, and many personalities of coaches. With me, you get a grounded, solid and calm coach. Most importantly, you get an attentive listener that helps you create a plan for either Psychospiritual Integration or Addiction Recovery that is best for you. While my knowledge is always available at your request, my primary role will be to help you find the answers within.