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Depression and food allergies drove Eric Johnson to resign from his job and seek relief from suffering through a plant called Ayahuasca in the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. Three years later his partner Phoenyx received an invitation for both of them to be caretakers at an isolated Ayahuasca healing center in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil while the owner was away traveling for months. This story is about their initiation of drinking powerful Sacred Medicines without the guidance of a shaman present, and the lessons they learned along the way. Eric clearly demonstrates that there is “something more than this” conventional reality that most of us have accepted as the only way through life. He shares valuable insights gained, and teachings from the shaman that can be applied to your first, or hundredth medicine experience. This book introduces the concept of Active Participation, which is the process of communicating directly with mother Ayahuasca to reprogram our human operating systems. Eric also dedicates two chapters to an equally powerful, yet lesser known plant called Huachuma, the San Pedro cactus, while they journey to the Andes Mountains of Peru. Above all, this book was created for those who are ready for the profound healing that occurs when Sacred Medicines are used to catalyze the expansion of consciousness. And most importantly, it’s for those who wish to go Beyond Healing and fulfill their evolutionary potential, thereby transforming the world we live in.


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